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Quality HVAC Services in Grants Pass

With 15 years of HVAC experience, Indoor Airman provides top-notch installation, repair, and maintenance services. We ensure efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial properties in Grants Pass, OR.

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HVAC Installation & Repair Experts

Our HVAC installation and repair services in Grants Pass are tailored to meet your heating and cooling needs. From AC installation to heating repair, our experienced team delivers reliable solutions for optimal comfort. Trust Indoor Airman for comprehensive HVAC services in Grants Pass.

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Reliable Duct Replacement & Repair

Indoor Airman specializes in air duct repair and replacement in Grants Pass. Our skilled technicians inspect, seal leaks, and reinforce weak spots in your ductwork to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Choose us for reliable duct repair services.

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Efficient Ductless Service Solutions

Looking for efficient cooling and heating solutions? Indoor Airman offers expert ductless mini-split installation in Grants Pass. Enjoy personalized comfort, energy savings, and zoned temperature control without the need for extensive ductwork. Experience the benefits of ductless service.

a person installing the tubing system of the newly installed mini split system

Professional Insulation & Weatherization

Enhance energy efficiency and comfort with our insulation services in Grants Pass. We provide attic, wall, and floor insulation, as well as weatherproofing solutions. Preserve your windows’ charm with Cascade or Milgard Windows. Trust Indoor Airman for comprehensive insulation and weatherization.

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Comprehensive Performance Testing

Improve energy efficiency and reduce costs with our home energy audit services in Grants Pass. Our experts conduct thorough assessments to identify performance issues, offering tailored solutions for optimal energy usage. Schedule a residential or commercial energy audit today.

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Your Reliable HVAC Experts in Grants Pass

HVAC Services in Grants Pass, OR, and Surrounding Areas

Dependable Service, Exceptional Results

At Indoor Airman, we take pride in delivering top-quality HVAC services in Grants Pass, OR, and the surrounding areas. As your trusted HVAC experts, we bring 15 years of experience, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Our team is dedicated to providing:

  • HVAC installation and repair for reliable heating and cooling solutions
  • Duct replacement and repair to improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality
  • Ductless service for efficient and personalized cooling and heating
  • Insulation and weatherization to enhance energy efficiency and comfort
  • Performance testing through comprehensive home energy audits
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Special Offers and Discounts

Take advantage of our promotions! Free estimates available. Discounts for seniors, veterans, and first responders.

What Sets Us Apart

When you work with us, you can be confident you’ll get the expert assistance you deserve

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What Our Clients Are Saying


B&J Workley


Danny and team DELIVERED! Every commitment extended was fulfilled and beyond. Assessment of needs were conducted and recommendations made with options. New systems are expensive, yet Danny guided me through the maze and provided information that allowed me to confidently decide on the systems that would provided the best return on investment. After 9 mos. of operation, I am not disappointed. Even thought utility rates have increased significantly, our rates have remained flat due to the efficiency of the tech and family is more comfortable in all seasons due to the systems functionality. If you don’t work with Indoor Airman, you are spending too much money.

Google Reviews


Rick Britton


Excellent customer service. I had a very professional installation of a split pump. Thank you Oregon Department of energy. Also thanks to Danny, Daniel and Valerie .I’m very grateful.

Google Reviews


Ubsille One


I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for what y’all did for me. I’ll recommend you folks to anyone that asks

Google Reviews


Margaret Machala


Excellent work! Perfect.

Google Reviews


Rochelle Gill


We had a great experience. The guys were helpful, professional and respectful. We would recommend their services.

Google Reviews


Oliver Collins


These are my guys! Couldn’t ask for more when it comes to knowledge and professionalism.

Google Reviews


Amber Ber


My HVAC system was 16 years old and went out in the middle of June right as 100 degree weather was hitting. They were able to have the new HVAC system ordered and installed within 2 weeks! When every other company was quoting 2 months! Daniel and his team installed the unit quickly and efficiently! Danny double checked my system to make sure all was working properly, he is very professional, kind, honest and knowledgeable. Jeff and Valerie stayed in frequent communication so that I always knew what was going on. I have had the unit for about 2 months now and it has been great! The cost of the system was very reasonable, best out of all the quotes I got. Thank you so much! Would recommend them! Everyone that works there seems like they actually care to get things done right, very genuine and pleasant people to work with.



Jonathan Guilbert


Knowledgeable and helpful, recommend to anyone looking to get information about making their home more efficient.



Eric Haskins


Love these guys they stayed late to make sure our issues were taken care of. Would give them more stars if I could Gil is the man!!

Google Reviews


Fiat Lux


I had a really great experience with this company. I had them install a 4 head ductless mini split in my home. It works great. Also, their techs were courteous and knowledgeable. When I had questions, they always answered them patiently. Really great job!

Google Reviews


Adam Boothe


Professional, easy to communicate with, competitive prices, above & beyond customer service. Will be using them again!

Google Reviews


Tamara Miller


I have never worked with a better company. They went all the way to Brooking and were thousands below what I could get in the area. The team was way bigger than expected. They unexpectedly did everything I needed, I was expecting to have to do much more! I am using them on a 3rd property this week and don’t shop around anymore for better pricing. I trust Jeff and his team. I save time, money and know QUALITY and INTEGRITY are always there top priority!

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